Are you looking to tap into your Corporate, Social, and Responsibility policies?

Employee volunteering can take various forms, such as one-off day activities, regular volunteer opportunities or special bespoke projects that fit the current needs of the charity.

There are many benefits to your staff working alongside a local charity, including utilising employees’ core skills and developing new ones, team building activities which increase morale, motivation, commitment and performance and enhance your company’s image and profile in the community.

We work with businesses on what they can offer, so if you can give us a day of your time, want to conduct a fundraiser in our name or become a regular volunteer, then please get in touch.

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The other type of business volunteering Maggs can benefit from is professional volunteering. Currently, alongside our coffee mornings every Tuesday and Thursday, we run our successful health hub, which boasts other skilled volunteers such as local podiatrists, opticians, and other drop-in services from other organisations.

We’re always on the lookout for such as dentistry, a barber or hairdressers, so if you would like to bring this service to either of our day centres, we would love to hear from you!

We chose Maggs because of the direct impact that they have within the communities of Worcestershire area. You can tell the team truly cares about making a difference in every single service user's life and has big ambitions to optimise the service. The Clothing project strives to offer a choice to individuals when this has been stripped from them in all other aspects of their lives, so helping Maggs to take the first step in redecorating this space was something as a team, we were really excited about.

Natalie Slater, Project Manager at Malvern Panalytical

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