Another unique opportunity we’re offering is our Active Listener roles. The position is ideal for those who can gently interact with our service users by chatting and listening and bring comfort in having someone to speak to, which they likely don’t have.

These volunteers engage with the service users through conversation, listening for any concerns they may have about their well-being so that we can then take action to provide them with the support they need.

Typically, the hours are one to two hours a week, on a weekly basis. Maggs will provide you with unique training for this.

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I thoroughly enjoy my volunteering role, arriving to start the breakfast, chatting as the service users come in serving teas and coffee, it’s great to know their names and greet them with a smile and ask how their doing, how are they feeling, taking their drinks over and chatting to them to let them know they matter, I try and find a subject they are interested in and build on that so when I next see them the following week, we can carry on where we left off, I can pick up when they appear down, I will sit with them and hopefully make their day that little bit brighter… I look forward to every Tuesday coming to Maggs, it’s a wonderful charity and a life line in so many ways…

Shaz Gannon, Current Active Listener

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