Corporate Events

Is someone in your company always discussing running a marathon or jumping out of an aeroplane? Why not do it in support of your local charity?

If you’re ready to take the plunge, there are lots of local events that you can get involved in to help raise well-needed funds.

Here at Maggs, we always aim to help teams or individuals prepare for their challenges by providing support and advice on fundraising ideas and achieving their goals. We can also support you in advertising and getting the proper publicity for you and your business.

Event Sponsorship

We have many fundraising events that we host throughout the year and could always benefit greatly through corporate sponsorship. Event Sponsorship is excellent for not only increasing your business’s reach but you can also benefit from the positive brand exposure from helping Maggs.

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Employee Events

Were you looking for something fun to do in the workplace? There are plenty of fun things to bring into your staff whilst raising money for your local charity. A few simple ideas could be to put together an office cake sale and pub-style quiz. You could also test your colleagues in an Apprentice-style challenge or even host an event like a sports tournament.

The team at Maggs are available to help you come up with or develop great fundraising ideas that relate to your business and can be applied in your work environment. We will also help to advertise and promote your event should you wish on our social media accounts and website.

Get in touch with our Marketing and Fundraising team for more information.

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Strategic Partnerships

Can your organisation help us fulfil our strategic objectives by funding vital programmes which support the homeless and vulnerable community?

Long-term strategic partnerships with Maggs are focused on solving a particular issue in the county, ensuring your company has a considerable impact on the lives of the individuals we support.

We’re always keen to allow fellow professionals to come and share your skills and insight with us to improve and expand our services.