Throughout the UK and on any given night, tens of thousands of families and individuals are experiencing the worst forms of homelessness, including more than 200,000 households in England alone.

This doesn’t mean just rough sleeping on the streets or in sheds or garages, this could mean sleeping in cars, hostels, temporary accommodations and many more options.

Here at Maggs, we experience a significant decrease in donations each year during the Summer and this can have a huge impact on our service delivery.

Understandably, people are enjoying time away, whether this be time off from work or getting off to somewhere hot. However, homelessness doesn’t go anywhere, at any time of the year and our service users suffer dramatically throughout the summer months. Especially with nowhere to go and no resources to help keep them safe.

That’s why Maggs is raising awareness for our cause over the summer months and keep donations coming in to help us deliver our services. Unfortunately we see a dramatic hit in donations at this time of year, so we’re keen to spread the word about the work we do and how people can help us continue our services.”

Melissa Blewitt - Marketing & Relations Manager

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Your donations can help us bring joy to those with the bare minimum and especially vital items that can help our service users stay safe in the hotter weather.

However big or small your contribution is, you will truly be making a difference and allow us to continue our services. Visit our Just Giving page and follow the simple instructions to donate your chosen amount.

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With summer time being full of lots of events and things to do, why not organise an event and raise money for charity simultaneously? We can help support your efforts in fundraising for Maggs with our helpful fundraising team, event tips, and branded marketing materials.

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Whether you’re a student or a teacher and looking to fill the next six weeks with something meaningful, or you’re just simply looking for some volunteer work, we have several volunteering opportunities to help us support our service users throughout the Summer. Whether this is cooking breakfast in our day centre, helping in our Clothing Project or even volunteering your skills in another capacity, please get in touch!

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“During the summertime, we’re always in need of items such as suncreams, sun hats and bottles of water in reusable bottles to help keep our service users safe and hydrated. If you have any of these items lying around or can add to your basket whilst shopping, please get in touch!”

Steph Maton - Volunteer Coordinator

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