On Tuesday 23rd April, we had the pleasure of welcoming the production team at Worcester Bosch to redecorate our day centre!

The team approached us last year with the opportunity to volunteer for us and immediately, we knew that we wanted to give our Worcester Day Centre a spruce.

The team not only painted, they glossed, cleaned and even hoovered and dusted for us to make everything look fresh, clean and new ready for our reopening the following day.

Sue Pennington, Corporate Communications Manager at Worcester Bosch confirms: “Our production team were so happy to donate their volunteering day to Maggs Day Centre. We’ve a long history of supporting the centre having donated a boiler a couple of years ago to this vital community support for those who are homeless and vulnerable.

Our team really got stuck in with the painting and it made the day so worthwhile for them to see the difference it will make to the service users”.

Melissa Blewitt, our Marketing and Relations Manager, explains: “When the team contacted Maggs last year, the team and I sat down and agreed the day centre was our biggest mission to make more welcoming and warm. One of our main priorities was to ensure that any decorating plans didn’t interfere with the original structure of the Worcester Day Centre, so we decided to stick to the partition walls only and give the day centre a bit of colour to make the room look brighter and colourful.”

“On behalf of the Maggs team, I would like to say a huge thank you to the team at Worcester Bosch but also the trustees at the Screwfix Foundation”, continues Melissa. “The team impressed us all at how quickly they transformed everything and we even had a few service users pop in and say how much they liked it!”

We couldn’t have achieved this without the generous grant from the Screwfix Foundation, which enabled us to purchase the paint and equipment to make this happen.

We look forward to showing everyone at our open day on Saturday 18th May!

If you or your business/organisation would like to volunteer, please get in touch with us at volunteers@maggsdaycentre.co.uk