As we have had to endure colder temperatures in the last few weeks, we’ve had a lot of questions about how we help to combat our rough sleepers having to sleep in dangerous conditions.

We thought we’d pull together a blog post detailing what we do to help aid our rough sleepers during these times. 

SWEP (Severe Weather Emergency Protocol)

When temperatures in any area throughout the county hit zero, SWEP is activated, and all the relevant agencies and authorities in the county work to offer our service users the opportunity to access the night shelters. 

SWEP is in place from November to March and is led by one of our partnering agencies, CCP who we work with to refer each individuals and organise and staff the overall running of the temporary night shelter. Other agencies such as St Paul’s Hostel and Emerging Futures refer all of our known rough sleepers so nobody is missed and everyone is able to access.  

The shelter can be accessed if the individual has been referred, or they can access directly on any opening night.

Maggs Outreach Teams

Our Outreach team, as normal, will go out to known locations of our rough sleepers and offer them anything from hot drinks, Greggs vouchers, jumpers, to name a few, and to direct them or offer the information of the shelters in place. We also signpost them to our Day Centres and Clothing Project, where can they access hot food, clothing and all of the essentials they require to be safe and warm. 

We were recently interviewed by the BBC where we got to chat about how we assist throughout SWEP. Hear from our Outreach Team Leader, Claire:


What can you do to help?

We urge anyone who sees a rough sleeper to contact Street Link.

Streetlinks feed into the intelligence network which enables outreach workers to locate rough sleepers and encourage them to access the SWEP night shelters. Outreach workers can support rough sleepers to engage with Worcestershire’s partnership homelessness organisations who can offer support with complex needs.  

For more information, please get in touch with us at