On Thursday 28th March, Worcester Cathedral welcomed Queen Camilla, on behalf of King Charles to distribute the Maundy Monies. Our very own trustee, Avril Gilmore, was invited by our Maggs Patron, Bishop John, to attend the service but also had the chance to be introduced to the Queen and of course, mention Maggs!

Hear about Avril’s experience on such a special day:

“It was a huge honour to be invited by the Bishop to represent Maggs at the Royal Maundy Service in Worcester Cathedral on Thursday 28th March 2024 when Queen Camilla attended on behalf of King Charles to distribute the Maundy Monies.

Bishop John is of course Maggs Patron, but I was not aware until the event that he is actually the Lord High Almoner, and for 10 years has been the Bishop with responsibility for and who is in attendance with the Monarch to distribute the Maundy Monies.  To attend this event, with Bishop John officiating in his own Cathedral, was particularly special. Maybe because of that connection the day felt particularly uplifting and joyous; it was wonderful to observe the reaction, the pleasure of all those receiving the Maundy Money from the Queen, all 150!

I was also fortunate to be presented to Queen Camilla – I believe I managed a respectable curtsy and the correct greeting.  In a brief conversation she asked about the level of homelessness in Worcester/Worcestershire; amongst other things she noted that it was a complex issue and thanked me for the work that MAGGS was doing to address the problem. 

Sadly, there is no photograph of me meeting the Queen, but if I were to chose one image that I have seen of the day on the Cathedral website it would be the one of her Majesty standing in front of the Yeoman of the Guard and all are laughing – usual protocols set aside briefly, all were able equally  to enjoy the sense of celebration and joy represented by the day.”