Our Marketing Manager and CEO, Melissa and Andy, had the pleasure of visiting the Homeless Link Summer conference this week, discussing navigating the challenges and changes in the sector.

One of the key talking points was how a new Labour government could impact the sector, how the industry may be affected and what our hopes, as a sector, could be for the future with introducing new policies.

Melissa, our Marketing and Relations Manager, comments: “From beginning to end, the conference was exciting and provoked lots of strategic thinking and discussion from all organisations across the country. I particularly found the keynote speakers exhilarating and very impactful of the considerations of what we should hope for the future, and their thoughts on what could impact Maggs with this dramatic change in government.”

Keynote speakers include Polly Neate CBE, CEO of Shelter and Jean Templeton, CEO of St Basils, Ian Brady, Executive Director of London Housing Foundation and former Labour Deputy Director of the Government’s Rough Sleepers Unit, Head of Delivery for the Respect Taskforce, and the Troubled Families Programme, plus many more.

Melissa also attended as one of the speakers in the ‘day centre provision’ workshop, talking about all things Maggs, our day centres and how all of our services marry together to provide a wrap-around of support for those experiencing homelessness.

“The workshops were a great chance to hear how other organisations deliver their services, whether this be through supported housing, palliative care homes for those who are at the end of life but also homeless, to name a few”, continues Melissa. “The day centre workshop was extremely thought-provoking as we got to hear how other charities are faring in this uncertain climate and how we can all work together to find solutions and ultimately, help to end homelessness.”

Melissa was joined by the CEO of the Archer Project, Tim Renshaw and Tasmin Maitland of Changing Lives in Canterbury. It was another great opportunity to see how other organisations run their day centres, and also to network and hopefully visit each other’s locations in the future!

Thank you to the team at Homeless Link for inviting us to visit and share Maggs’ story with other like-minded organisations. We’re looking forward to seeing what the future holds for the sector!