Malvern St James’ Years 7 and 8 girls used their lunchtimes this week to bake and decorate cakes to donate to Maggs this week.

The cakes will be welcomed at our coffee mornings at the Worcester Day Centre, which is held twice a week for service users to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and a slice of cake alongside a host of other services from nurse practitioner visits, podiatrists, support dogs and many more.

Melissa Blewitt, Marketing and Relations Manager at Maggs, explains: “On behalf of the team at Maggs, we would like to thank you for the delicious cakes specially made by the lovely girls at Malvern St James. Our coffee mornings at the day centres are a highlight of the week, and having a nice slice of homemade cake makes such a difference to our service users’ week. It truly is very appreciated!”

At MSJ all girls study Food and Nutrition from Year 7 upwards as it is such an important aspect of life. Girls learn how vital it is to have good nourishment for all round health and, as part of that, they understand that not everyone has enough food, so we must play our part in the wider community to respect food resources and help others in need.

Sally Turner, Head of Food and Nutrition at Malvern St James, confirms: “Here at Malvern St James, we recognise the fantastic work that Maggs does throughout Worcestershire, and our girls wanted to do something special for everyone to enjoy at their coffee mornings. It was a great opportunity to start a conversation about homelessness with the students and how vital Maggs services are to their clients.”