Here at Maggs, we offer a variety of services to help the homeless and vulnerable. We want to showcase what we get up to by putting together a day in the life of each of our departments and how your donations help offer unique, tailored support. 

The first in the series is from our Support Worker, Amy, who details what her day entails at our Worcester Day Centre.


9:00am: We open the doors at 9am for rough sleepers to enjoy breakfast. Whilst everyone has been greeted and settled for breakfast, I start my day by turning my tablet on, ready to log into all relevant sites and check my emails. Whilst these load up, I take the chance to make a coffee!

Once I have logged on, I browse through my emails to see what I need to catch up on for the day, such as information and alerts from local agencies, catching up with the team about the current status of service users and external factors that could impact support etc, so that I can make myself a brief plan in my head. This initial start helps me stay efficient so I can offer the best support service.

10:00am: Breakfast is in full swing at the day centre, thanks to our lovely volunteers who take care of this. Today I  spent time replying to emails whilst chatting to rough sleepers, not only to see what their support focus is but to also offer them a friendly face and a chat whilst they have been out all night. This small gesture can make a difference to our attendees and help break initial barriers, especially to new attendees in our day centre.

11:00am: At 11am, the day centre now welcomes all other service users such as those who are accommodated, whether this is temporary or permanent, those who are vulnerable, and asylum seekers… to name a few!

Now that our breakfast session is completed, I begin providing individual general support. This morning I sat with one of our individuals who is rough sleeping, I helped them book 3 appointments for various things such as a GP appointment, to progress their situation. I explained to them any updates on my side that could impact their support and caught up with anything they wanted to share from their perspective. I made two phone calls regarding their case and was able to set the next steps for them, which resulted in a happy service user and some positive steps in place. We’re due to catch up next week following these appointments. 

Today is also our coffee mornings and health hub service, where we have volunteers such as podiatrists, opticians, drug and alcohol drop-ins etc attend our sessions. Today, it is the local nurse visiting us which means the day centre is extra busy whilst service users access this vital drop-in. 

12:00pm: As it was coffee morning and health hub today, I like to take a percentage of this time to just sit with service users and have an informal catch-up. Often I will do a word search for example with them or show them our new book corner that I have worked to implement. It’s nice to be able to check in with people on a general basis as this can be crucial to check in with people’s mental health. 

1:00pm: I had taken a few calls around this time, mostly people requesting a foodbank voucher.

2:00pm: Again, I continue with support needs that are needed in the day centre, whether that be a referral to local agencies such as drug and alcohol, Hep C Trust, and many more or simply to help make a GP appointment. I then ensure that all of my paperwork is completely up to date for all staff to have access to this so that we can all be on the same page across all of our services. This is done by our internal system called Inform, which helps each staff member be aware of the current status and issues surrounding individuals and then offer support to the best of our ability. 

I also help tidy up alongside the other support workers before we lock up to go home!

3:00pm: It’s home time!

I like working at Maggs because I love giving back to society and feel like I am making a change in people’s lives. I make a point of always ensuring I am giving them encouragement and motivation, which is often all our service users need to make changes, even if they’re small, they can make a huge difference.

Our service is so important to these individuals because it gives them a sense of security and hope.

Maggs is so important to Worcester, I wish more people could find out about what we do! I love that I get the opportunity to spread the word and hopefully open more opportunities for the organisation that I am so proud to be a part of.  

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