Last week, the Maggs team had an afternoon to dedicate to our well-being, filled with fun, food, yoga and team bonding activities.

As an organisation, we heavily promote that taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health. Internally, we put it to a vote to help recharge our batteries and chose to have dedicated well-being days, which not only improves productivity but prevents burnout and reduces stress levels.

Stef Wadley, our Mental Health & Wellbeing Ambassador, explains:Here at Maggs, our staff work extremely hard with various service users, many of whom have challenging behaviours and ill mental health.”

“Along with our day-to-day personal life stresses, our mental health can be impacted and as our well-being ambassador, I feel that our staff need to look after our mental health because let’s face it, how can we look after our service users if our mental health is not great!”

“Arranging this event was important for me so that staff know that Maggs supports their well-being, and it allowed all the services to come together as one team for an afternoon. I look forward to arranging more throughout the year!”

By implementing activities such as socialising, outdoor activities, self-care workshops, and First Aid for Mental Health Courses, organisations can create a supportive and healthy environment for their staff. Especially in a workplace that can be fairly chaotic, we want to ensure our staff are happy, healthy and thriving to do the best possible job they can.

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