Day Centre for the homeless and vulnerable in Worcester

Maggs Day Centre provides the basics, a lifeline to help people survive the worst of what life throws at them. We are open five days a week, providing a safe, dry environment where homeless and particularly vulnerable people can get individually tailored support. We also offer rough sleepers breakfast, showers and laundry.

We are committed to helping and mentoring all those who are ready to make changes, to start getting their lives back on track. We create individually tailored support plans to help them achieve their goals.

Food and shelter

We are here five days a week (see detailed opening times), serving breakfast to rough sleepers until 10:30. From 10:30 we provide individual support only.

But more than that, Maggs Day Centre is a place where homeless people can come to escape from social isolation. It gives them the chance to feel normal, have ordinary conversations and forget, for a while, about being homeless.

Clean, dry clothes

From a separate site near the city centre, Maggs Clothing Project offers clean clothing, sleeping bags and other bedding. People who are experiencing homelessness may visit once a week to get the clothes and bedding they need. We also help people who are suffering financial hardship and are referred by St. Paul’s Hostel, the YMCA, Social Services or other agencies, but we limit their use of the Clothing Project to once a month.

When a person who is experiencing homelessness finds a place to live, we can also provide starter packs to help them along. These include basic kitchen items, electrical items, bedding and towels.

Maggs Clothing Project relies on your donations of quality clothes and bedding.

Health care

Homeless people suffer more health problems than the rest of us, but because they often feel uneasy in doctors’ surgeries and dental practices, it can result in more serious problems and seeking treatment in A&E.

To address this problem, Maggs brings health professionals into the centre regularly, to give essential health advice and provide treatment. As well as GP, dental and podiatry services, our health hub also provides help with overcoming substance misuse, mental health problems and providing bereavement counselling.

Read our case study – how Maggs Health Hub helped Steve* return to the world of work.

Bridging the gap back into the community

While we provide services for homeless people here in the day centre, we are keen to help them reintegrate into mainstream society, using the same facilities and joining in activities like everyone else.

Our Navigation Team helps people to reintegrate back into mainstream society, by accompanying them to services/activities, until they have the confidence to do so by themselves.

Read our case study – how Maggs Accommodation Project helped Max* escape the homeless cycle

Life skills

Many of the people who rely on Maggs are held back in their desire to change by a lack of confidence and life-skills and this is made worse by living rough.

To do assist with this we have developed an accommodation project where rough sleepers are given a home for six months with support to develop the skills to maintain a long-term home independently. After six months we source longer-term housing solutions.

Read our case study – how Maggs skills training helped Dave* build confidence and look after himself.

Support and mentoring

For those committed to making positive changes in their lives and escape the homeless cycle, we offer help to assist in their journey.

Our staff are skilled at listening, supporting and providing advice, as well as introducing them to other agencies who can help at the right time. We also have a team of trained volunteers who befriend people who are experiencing homelessness, giving them social support and guidance.

We treat everyone with sensitive, non-judgemental acceptance; we respects people’s wishes and empower people to realise their full potential.

Read our case study – how Maggs gave Jim* emotional and social support after marriage breakdown left him homeless.

*Names have been changed in our case studies.

Can you help?

All of our work for homeless people is made possible by volunteers and donations from local people and businesses in the area. Please look at the ways that you could volunteer at Maggs or read how to donate.