Health Hub update for 2021
Due to Covid restrictions our health hub is suspended until further notice.
However we are able to book dedicated appointments with the GP as needed and can support people to attend virtual GP appointments.

Case study – Steve*

Steve* was homeless for four years, following a painful journey of addiction. His time as an addict had terrible consequences on his health, the most obvious and permanent of which was losing all his teeth.

Once he had overcome his addiction the next step to rejoining mainstream society was finding a job. But with the evidence of his past life confronting him every time he walked past a mirror, he just didn’t have the confidence to face a potential employer and the questions that they would surely ask about his appearance.

When Maggs introduced a dentist to the health hub, Steve decided to confront his fears. Within a couple of months he got a new set of teeth, thanks to the NHS and Maggs Health Hub.

With the boost in confidence that this gave him, Steve got out and started looking for work.

*not his real name


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