Case Study – Dave*

Following a long period in prison, Dave* was living in a hostel and trying to work out how to make a fresh start for himself. Probation Services recognised he would benefit from help overcoming both learning difficulties and depression, so pointed him towards Maggs where he jumped at the opportunity to learn to cook.

He has since taken up the offer to attend further courses, in literacy, numeracy and money management. The money management course was particularly helpful, enabling him to plan how to use a savings account to lock money away so he couldn’t be tempted to spend it.

During the time he has spent with Maggs he has not just learnt new life-skills,  but also met new people and built good relationships. His confidence has grown to the point where he no longer just looks at the floor all the time, but can look directly at people when he is talking with them.

Now he has his own flat, Dave is really benefiting from his new skills and the modest savings that he built-up. He is now living further out of the city, but for a while he continued to drop in to Maggs occasionally, to share his experiences and encourage others.

*Not his real name


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