COVID-19 Update

While we hope you accept this picture is changing continuously, all at Maggs are aiming to keep the service running throughout this period of uncertainty. This may mean short notice responses due to staff and volunteer availability however we seek to maintain as minimal impact as possible. The key priority at Maggs during this period is to keep the Worcester Day Centre open as this keeps the support to the largest number of our clients…
16th March 2020

Impact of Coronavirus on Services

We were advised by the Government to close both Day Centres on 16th March 2020. This has had an impact on the services that we can provide to the homelessness and vulnerable members of our community. During lock down, all rough sleepers were offered temporary accommodation and our Outreach Team continued to support all those service users during that 4 month period. We began to reopen both Day Centres in August, but services have been…
Val Turner
4th September 2020
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COVID-19 Update 2

Over the last few days we have had to make decisions based on changing government advice that will enable us to keep operating for the most vulnerable for longer. However, while I will outline below what our current service levels are, we need to stress that this is a changing picture and further updates will be made over social media and at all sites.   Day Centre  The key priority at Maggs during this period is to keep the Worcester Day Centre…
19th March 2020
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WR2 to K2 Training Update 5

I have decided I don't like the A449, it's quite scary walking on it as there are no paths and the cars go so fast. We did a bit of a celebration dance when we got to Ledbury and there was footpaths again. We tried to avoid A449 on way back ended up doing a massive diversion and still had to walk a mile and a half on the same road back. But we did…
13th February 2020

WR2 to K2 Training Update 4

Saturday 1st February Malvern to Ledbury has been delayed a week so will be doing that next week. I was going to walk the Malverns again till i saw how windy it was going to be so instead walked to Bromsgrove train station. I stopped at Eagle and Sun for cake and coffee. Cake wasn't very good but it filled a hole. While I was eating cake I looked up the route to get to…
10th February 2020