Enabling positive change.

Our goal is not just to support rough sleepers in their situation, but to help them to make the changes necessary for them to change their lifestyle, by dealing with the issues that hold them back, like lack of confidence, substance abuse, or poor health, so that they can access permanent housing and return to a conventional lifestyle off the streets.

Our Mission Statement

We work with homeless and vulnerable people to raise self-confidence thereby enabling positive life change.

Our vision

Is to work with partners to eliminate long term rough sleeping in the county, whilst offering homeless and vulnerable people opportunities to thrive and realise their full potential.

Our mission

Maggs Values

Value 1

Equal opportunities.

As part of our commitment to equal opportunities, anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive principles and practice, Maggs will work to ensure that all services and resources are relevant and accessible.

Value 2

Promoting independence.

Offer support in a collaborative way that promotes independence.

Value 3

Treating people with dignity.

All service users are treated with dignity and sensitivity, enabling service users, through empowerment, to make decisions relating to their lives.

Value 4

Making an action plan.

With the agreement of service users, encourage relatives and carers etc. in the support/action planning process.

Value 5

Being friendly and approachable.

All staff must be approachable, friendly, helpful and work well within a small team. You should have a ‘can do’ attitude, be reliable and flexible ensuring you play your part in the ongoing service provision of Maggs. You should work hard to recognise and understand the goals and aspirations the team and service users are working towards and strive to support people achieve them.

Value 6

Demonstrate communication.

Actively demonstrate the importance of communication and the impact it has on effective team work. This should be consistent and irrespective of paid staff or volunteers at all times. It is also crucial to recognise and demonstrate the importance of clear verbal/written communication and listening in our day-to-day work and utilise these skills to motivate those you work with for the wider benefit of Maggs.