Maggs’ goal is not just to support rough sleepers in their situation, but to help them to make the changes necessary for them to change their lifestyle.

This can be achieved by dealing with the issues that hold them back, like lack of confidence, substance abuse, or poor health, so that they can access permanent housing and return to a conventional lifestyle off the streets.

Our Impact


Robert spent most of his younger years moving round foster care placements. He developed a substance addiction and funded this by criminal behaviour. He had been working with his probation officer and previously IOM for over five years and has been recalled to Prison numerous times.

Robert has had sporadic contact with other agencies since 2015. He has been housed several times but unable to sustain tenancies due to his mental health, lack of engagement, inability to manage finances and recalled for breaching his CBO. Barriers for housing have been highly complex, Robert has been a prolific rough sleeper since 1998.

The Maggs Intensive Transition Team (ITT) started working with Robert in April 2022; in June he went to prison for breaching his CBO. During this time, ITT maintained contact. Upon release he regularly attended Maggs for support which is something he has never done before. He was then referred for a property which was successful.

In November 2022, the property was broken into, Robert fled and chose to rough sleep. ITT continued to support Robert and secured temporary accommodation whilst he was considered for a property. A property became available within a few months and Robert maintained contact and managed to remain out of custody which is his longest time out of prison.

Robert has now moved in and is maintaining his tenancy and his property to a high standard which is something most professionals thought Robert would never be able to achieve.

Our Impact

The Statistics

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287 Unique Visitors

Our Worcester Day Centre has welcomed 287 people. Whether these are rough sleepers seeking breakfasts and support, or those experiencing homelessness or are vulnerable, we offer hope for everyone.

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Our passionate and friendly Outreach team have helped 192 people throughout the year. This can be with anything from signposting to other agencies, universal credit, housing referrals or just anything our service users need to keep them safe.

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Our Clothing Project welcomed 1477 individuals throughout the year, making use of the free donations we so kindly receive to ensure people have vital essentials to keep them safe and warm.

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With the expansion of our Accommodation Project, we have successfully housed 16 former rough sleepers.

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Our second day centre welcomed 46 individuals throughout the year, making most of the facilities and support offered.

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In our Health Hub at our Worcester Day Centre, we offer over 10 volunteer services for our service users to utilise. We’re extremely lucky to have drop-ins from Hep C Trust, Art Therapy, Sexual Health and even Jeff the Support Dog!

I have gone from sleeping rough in a shed for months and being picked up by the Maggs team, to living in accommodation, keeping healthy and maintaining my tenancy. The staff are wonderful and still make time for me now. Even if it's just a casual check-in, or help me with my bills, universal credit, and just keep me on track. Without them, I don't know where I'd be and they make you feel safe and supported.


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Initially the harm reduction worker would check-in/remind him of his appointment since he did not have a phone. Over this time, they provided harm reduction services which included clean, sterile injection equipment as well as Naloxone.

He said getting onto script was his priority. We also spoke about his mental health, and I inquired about his willingness to have an updated assessment carried out. We enabled him to have a mental health assessment and Fred is now fully on script, actively attending all his Cranstoun appointments. We also took Fred to our Clothing Project to help him pick out clothes appropriate for the weather. We continue to check-in weekly, provide harm reduction where necessary, and assist his support workers with arranging appointments and helping to sort his accommodation.

Harm Reduction



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During our bi-weekly health hub drop-ins, 236 service users utilised our GP services, provided by Farrier House.

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This year our service users wanted housing advice, provided by our friendly support team in our day centres.

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Another vital drop-in is from our local drug and alcohol organisations such as Cranstoun, which a large majority of our service users utilise.

Our Impact


A lady in her 40’s has recently visited Maggs, she has been in the UK for about 16 years and is English speaking.

Sadly, Sarah does not have family contacts or friends. She currently lives in a rented property which contains damp but she does not feel she can approach the landlord about this. This is due to her anxiety, depression, numerous musculoskeletal problems which also make mobility and independence difficult.

Her attendance at Maggs is usually when she needs help with something such as money, universal credit, health issues and substance abuse. However, since Maggs has helped Sarah, we have managed to complete:

  • A referral and assessment to the Healthy Minds Mental Health Services, monitoring and Checking Universal Credit journal and ensuring she is up to date on her journal and liaising with the job coach.
  • Application of PIP benefit
  • Encouragement to engage with her GP which she is now doing and is having medication for her anxiety and depression.
  • Continuing discussions of her mental health symptoms and strategies for managing symptoms, plus her openness to discuss alcohol use.
  • Support provided with regards to her tenancy issues and the offer of contact with her landlord
  • Exploration of what additional financial support can be obtained.
  • Providing the time and a listening ear which is reducing her sense of isolation.

Our Impact


We simply couldn’t do what we do without our fantastic group of volunteers. Their passion, devotion and warmth not only helps us deliver our core services but brings a smile to our service users faces.

Find out how much of an impact our volunteers has had to our services.



Worcester Day Centre

Our Worcester Day Centre volunteers have worked 1217 hours, devoted to cooking breakfasts, teas and coffees, delivering other voluntary services such as Art Therapy, but also being there just as a friendly face and a chat if needed.

Malvern Day Centre

Malvern volunteers have worked 918 hours since July 2023. The day centre is only open two days a week, but our pair of volunteers are extremely hard-working and passionate and go above and beyond.

The Clothing Project

Over the three days a week, our fantastic Clothing Project volunteers have worked 618 hours since July 2023. Whether that’s welcoming donations and sorting them or helping service users find what they’re looking for, these volunteers help run our very unique service throughout the county to the best we possibly van.