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  • “What do I do if I see a rough sleeper?”

    Please contact StreetLink.

    StreetLink can be used by anyone in England and Wales to send an alert about someone who is sleeping or preparing to sleep rough.

    Alerts are sent to outreach teams, who go out mostly at night to connect people sleeping rough to local support services.

    StreetLink complements existing outreach work by alerting teams to people they haven’t seen before.

  • "What kind of donations do you accept?"

    We accept monetary donations via our Just Giving page, but you can find out via our Donate page.

    In terms of physical donations, our typical items that we’re always in need of are:

    • Men’s Clothes – small sizes
    • Holdall bags & Rucksacks
    • Sleeping bags
    • Men’s Shoes
    • Underwear
    • Tracksuit Bottoms
    • Toiletries
    • Basic Kitchen Items
    • Carrier Bags

    We do not accept sharp knives, glass, furniture, feather pillows and feather duvets.

  • "Do you accept furniture?"

    Although we are exceptionally grateful that our kind supporters would like to donate furniture, we cannot accept these items due to our lack of storage space. However, we work closely with local charity Armchair and Roundabout in Evesham, who can take these items and pick them up/deliver them if required.

  • "How can I fundraise for you?"

    You can find out all our fundraiser information on our Fundraiser page.

  • "Are homeless people just rough sleepers out on the street?"

    Sadly, no. There are many types of ‘homeless people’. Rough sleeping is what most people associate with being homeless, and this is when people have no other choice but to sleep on the street.

    One of the other situations can be statutory homelessness, which is the primary type of homelessness and refers to those entitled to receive assistance from their local authority to prevent them from losing their accommodation, such as temporary accommodation.

    The third is ‘hidden homelessness’, which refers to those not eligible for local authority assistance. These individuals can be sofa surfing, living in hotels or hostels, or squatting.

  • "All homeless people are alcoholics or drug users"

    Sadly, this is a common misconception about homelessness.
    People become homeless for lots of different reasons, such as social causes of homelessness like a lack of affordable housing, poverty and unemployment, and life events which push people into homelessness.

    Other reasons could be those who have recently left prison, care or the army with no home to go to or escaped a violent or abusive relationship.
    For many, life events like a relationship breaking down, losing a job, mental or physical health problems can cause homelessness.

    Whilst levels of drug and alcohol abuse are relatively high amongst the homeless population, this isn’t always the case as to why someone is now experiencing homelessness.

  • "Can I give rough sleepers money?"

    Whilst we don’t actively encourage giving our service users money, there are other alternatives you can do in the same way. We ask that the general public provide our service users vouchers so they can purchase what they would like.

  • "How to find the Clothing Project?"

    You can find the address here.

    The postcode for the car park is WR1 3BQ which is where anyone can come to donate their donations. We also have a donations bin for out of hours donations around the back of the building.

  • "How are people referred to your Clothing Project?"

    Service users are referred internally but we work with organisations across the county such as our Citizen’s Advice Bereau, St Paul’s Hostel, Hope Church and Cranstoun who will give the individual a Maggs’ referral form.

    Other organisations can request a referral form from us by getting in touch on 01905 25027 or emailing info@maggsdaycentre.co.uk.

  • "Is your Accommodation Project an emergency accommodation solution?"

    No. Our designated accommodation follows a strict referral process for people who are homeless or sofa surfing and have a local connection to Worcestershire.  Referrals are received from professional agencies such as the council housing teams, CAB, Probation, other local accommodation providers working in the homelessness sector as well as our own day centres and outreach teams.

    Each local council housing team is able to offer emergency accommodation and you will have complete a homelessness approach via the appropriate method for your area:

  • "Do we accept or give out tents?"

    No, we do not accept or give out tents to our service users. Only in exceptional circumstances, but this is on a very rare occasion.

    In the event we’ve had to, we offer Sleeping Pods, which were kindly donated to us from here.