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COVID-19 Update

By 16th March 2020Uncategorised

While we hope you accept this picture is changing continuously, all at Maggs are aiming to keep the service running throughout this period of uncertainty. This may mean short notice responses due to staff and volunteer availability however we seek to maintain as minimal impact as possible.

The key priority at Maggs during this period is to keep the Worcester Day Centre open as this keeps the support to the largest number of our clients in one place. In order to maintain service here, it may be necessary to close other services at short notice in order to redeploy staff and/or volunteers. Where changes are made these will be publicised on a daily basis on social media and on access points. Currently, the only alteration is that we have suspended our activities program until further notice.

Within all services we are implementing a more stringent cleaning program and have protocols in place should any of our service users present with symptoms. This will be to support them to access self-isolation sites and to seek medical attention if it is required.
Should we need to close our service at any time we will continue to work with partner agencies to ensure that support and provisions are made available during this time to as many individuals in need as possible.

Due to the vulnerable nature of our service users, we urge anyone (unless they are homeless) who has been in close contact with someone with Covid-19 or who are displaying symptoms to avoid coming to any of our projects for any reason. However, we will continue to accept donations and a specific wish list for during this period will be released within the next couple of days.