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WR2 to K2 Training Update 5

By 13th February 2020Fundraising, WR2 to K2

I have decided I don’t like the A449, it’s quite scary walking on it as there are no paths and the cars go so fast. We did a bit of a celebration dance when we got to Ledbury and there was footpaths again. We tried to avoid A449 on way back ended up doing a massive diversion and still had to walk a mile and a half on the same road back. But we did end up having a coffee in an antiques and retro cafe which was very quirky. Ended up getting train from Colwall in the end back to Worcester as it was getting dark and could feel storm setting in. But still managed 18. 5 miles today. Had new boots on. Only 2 blisters today and feet hurt less than with the old boots. As you can see I got a bit muddy. So annoying storm coming tonight so may have to stay in tomorrow. As predicted very, very strong winds.