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WR2 to K2 Training Update 4

By 10th February 2020Uncategorised

Saturday 1st February

Malvern to Ledbury has been delayed a week so will be doing that next week. I was going to walk the Malverns again till i saw how windy it was going to be so instead walked to Bromsgrove train station. I stopped at Eagle and Sun for cake and coffee. Cake wasn’t very good but it filled a hole. While I was eating cake I looked up the route to get to train station in Bromsgrove. Got very excited as it want past Avoncroft Museum and I have never been there. It was only 2 and a bit hours away so I thought I would look round. I thought it would shut at 5. Got there at 2.50 and the lady said you need 1 1/2 hours to look round you won’t do it in an hour bless her she said don’t waste your money now come back when you have more time. So I didn’t get to look round. If only I hadn’t procrastinated this morning and left at 9 instead of 9.45 than I would have had time or if I hadn’t had cake. Anyway looks like I did 18 miles in total. 

Oh and I tried my new walking poles. 2 instead of my just 1 wooden 1. Gosh they make you walk faster. 

And saw the first snow drops out in bloom so had to take a picture. 

I got to the outside of avoncroft at least. 

Oh and I saw 3 people I knew on the walk. One close to Worcester she was a former volunteer. And two whom I used to walk with. I was near Stoke Prior. They had only done 11k and they seemed quite shocked I had walked from Worcester. 

Sunday 2nd February

Managed to only walk 8.7 miles in total today. Went on a walk with a couple who don’t like walking significant distances. Did part of the Malverns. Up West Malvern and then over the hills and back down by St Anne’s Well. 

I’m so glad today I did a shorter walk as my feet still haven’t forgiven me for yesterday. As if I had walked on my own I would have felt obliged to at least 15 miles. I think I need some new boots as the boots I have haven’t got very good shock absorbers so they are really painful on my feet. Added some makeshift toe insoles but that didn’t help. A few more blisters too. 

Anyway step count included in the pictures and also some random things you see if you walk up the road from the water clock tower at tank quarry.

Oh and Brays closed down 2 days ago. That’s where Joby was found the winter festival before last.  

But when you look in the window there was a room full of ……

How obscure is that!

Luckily my feet can have a rest till next weekend now as it’s back to work in the morning. Next week I’m walking from Malvern to Ledbury. And got to decide on the Sunday walk yet.