WR2 to K2 Training Update 2

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Saturday 11/1/20

So organised walk was cancelled. And I needed a walk. Doing 3 hills in the afternoon in Malvern but that isn’t far enough so decided to walk to countryside centre. Over 5 miles in less than 2 hours. 

Interesting things on the way a tree full of starlings oh and a piece of graffiti I have never noticed just up from the commandary on the canal. Anyway here are some pictures

Oh and in other news, the person organising the 24 hour walk in Peterborough has bailed out. Apparently they won’t be fit enough. We decided to do our own walk instead so I have plotted route. Being as there only 2 of us now and there is a lot of dark walking it’s mostly road walking. 

So 50.7 miles Worcester to Bromsgrove to Redditch to Evesham to Worcester. It will be the ‘Maggs 50ish Worcestershire Walkathon’. We have kept the length vague as we are likely to have a few diversions. Please remember we never go the wrong way or get lost we go on interesting diversions to see what is there.

Sat 11/01 PM

Walked 2 hills today rather than 3 as friend was feeling they couldn’t walk all 3. I’m glad they thought that as hips were hurting. Walked up Midsummer Hill, Raggedstone Hill, White Leaf Oak and back again.

The door in the tree I made and put there 4 years ago at Whiteleaf Oak. I’m surprised it’s still there! The weather was sure brisk, fine rain and quite windy. Even took my breath away at times!

Oh this was the weirdest clouded mushroom ever seen it looks almost alien!

Sunday 12/01

Over 14 miles today and another 1 before I get home. Main walk to Droitwich was so muddy which makes it harder. I said to the people I was with it was 7 miles(ish) but turned out to be 12. I got a lot of stick for that!  Oh well at least I’m helping their fitness levels!!!!!!!! Got in the bath and omg I thought I wasn’t going to be able to get out. My back is a bit sore, but I only have 1 blister.

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