WR2 to K2 Training Update 1

By 29th January 2020 Uncategorised

1/1/20 9.2 miles

This was the first time I have walked such a long distance in quite a while. But it was all flat so wasn’t actually a challenge. It felt really good to be walking again (I miss walking long distances). Looking forward to the challenge of building my fitness up again. Had a bit of a twinge in my leg after but that had gone by the next day and had one blister on my heal but then I wasn’t wearing proper walking boots.

The time spent walking also included a coffee stop on Croft Road. Where I learnt some information re Worcester history. Apparently the railway bridge over the river had to be rebuilt as it was not strong enough to support all of the goods trains. There was also another bridge running city side of the river that used to carry goods trains to Browns and Foregate Street station – I knew about this as I noticed the second bridge last year when I was having a coffee in the hive, have a look some of it is still there. But I did not know the reason why this was pulled down until today. The reason it was pulled down was because the bridge was too low for double decker buses to get under and at the time people thought double decker buses were the way forward so the line had to go. The ironic thing is that now there is only one double decker bus that operates in Worcester that I have seen. So, for Worcester city at least the future was NOT double decker buses.

3/1/20 6.5 Miles(ish)

The walk planned in Gloucester in the morning has been cancelled. This is partly a relief as I would have had to ascend over 1000ft in the first half a mile of walking and I don’t think that my little legs are quite ready for that yet. Then I though drat where am I going to walk now. But luckily another walk materialised this time walking around Storridge. It is 4 ½ miles shorter than the original walk but its still a walk!

Here is the walk stats for the morning , as you can see its not that hilly!

4/1/20 – 5/1/20

Ok managed to walk over 20 miles this weekend and since Jan 1st I have walked this many steps which isn’t bad for 1st 5 days of training……

Saturday’s main walk was in Storridge. Some of the first bit looked familiar and the realised it was part of the Worcestershire Way. We even went past the post office that trip and for us as all of the water that was for the walkers had gone. The was a few hills. I need more hill practice and very muddy nearly lost my boot at 1 point. But at least I know the boots are waterproof. Anyway that was 7.5 miles. Then did last bit of walking in Birmingham that evening. Here is screenshot of Storridge and how far I walked on Saturday in total:

Today walked to The Fold from Worcester up the main road. Some of it was quite hairy as their is no path and cars go very fast. We decided to get lift back as far as Dines Green and then walk rest of the way home. 

We went to The Fold for a wassailing celebration. Wassailing is a pagan festival to bless the Apple trees for a good harvest this year. We had to choose a tree to bless. Shame that our tree was a pear tree which would never ever have a good apple harvest but never mind. Before the blessing we watched some Morris dancers who were in traditional outfits and makeup. Out of 100 people who attended only 1 person blacked up as Morris dancers did. Can you guess who it was?

I got some strange looks walking back through the city, and shoe polish isn’t that easy to get off your face. Even baby wipes don’t completely shift it and they can clean anything! 

This weekend I walked 22 miles in 2 days.

At least at this rate I will definately be able to stand the endurance of a 24 hour walk 

Oh and I also found out the 24 hour walk is 50 miles in total!