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Letter From The Chair

By 29th August 2017Uncategorised

Dear supporters,

I am writing to you to invite you to Maggs AGM on Monday 2nd October at 1pm. This will be a chance  to find out more about our work, the challenges that face service users and our plans for the year ahead. The next few months will see a move to new premises for our activity centre, clothing store and administrative centre. We hope to move to 59/60 the Tything during September and leave our old premises in Copenhagen Street and Sansome Place. The Day Centre continues as normal . This old church does take some maintenance. We have completed  repairs to the external stonework and now need to repair a 400 year old memorial  located in the office.

Some of you, especially those that use social media may have seen posts by a campaigner relating to the death of a homeless man in 2016. We welcome the efforts of anyone campaigning to bring a greater focus to the needs of homeless people. However, we are not supportive of the attacks on both individuals and organisations involved in supporting people who are homeless or potentially homeless. the blame game helps nobody.

Finally I would like to thank all those who support Maggs with donations and time spent volunteering. Last financial year we were fortunate  to receive a legacy that boosted finances in the short term, allowing some investment in services and buildings. However, 2 three year grants from charitable trusts  have now run their course and we continue to work  hard in fundraising in order to sustain our current levels of services.

Your support for Maggs is a vital means of supporting the much needed services that we offer.

Mel Akers (Chair)