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Every Tuesday a local artist Francesca Currie comes into the Annexe to run an art group. Working with our service users to explore a range  of art skills, 
and unlock their creativity. Supporting this, it undertakes a range of projects that aims to take their work into the wider community, such as the exhibition 
they held at the Cathedral earlier this year.


A few weeks ago the group started to make venetian masks out of tin foil and paper Mache, that were then decorated. However, as normal when we put any group of service users in one room, nothing quite goes as anticipated and many different takes on the same project soon appeared, including one’s log face with built in moustache, eyebrows and ears.

This type of work unlocks service users’ creativity and helps to boost their confidence. Allowing them to explore different ways to achieve outcomes within tasks and lives, with there being no wrong way. After all within both art and life, the best outcomes come when we build on our own strengths and interests.