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Good afternoon everyone!

We have not posted on the blog for a while so we decided to do a little news update. We have had lots happening and have new staff in post.

Our first big change – Mel; who was previously the centre manager is now Chief Executive and Cailin has stepped into the role of operations manager. Both have settled into the roles really well and the day centre is running smoothly.

Emma – Emma used to be the activity co-ordinator has now stepped into the role of health facilitator and resilience worker, Emma is also continuing to do the clothing project on a Monday and Thursday. The new activity co-ordinator is Kath; Kath has already put on some really great activities for the service users and has had great feedback.

Last but not least we have welcomed a new support worker, Ewa has recently joined and will be supporting those accessing the day centre.

As you can see it’s been a very busy few months, but we have still had some really amazing things going on.

Activities – Massage; we have had two sessions from trained therapists. They have provided massages to relieve tensions and ease muscle pain and have also provided reiki sessions. These sessions have been fantastic and have really helped our service users to relax and get some spiritual healing.

Women’s group – This is something we started to the loss of a great service in Worcestershire. This is a group aimed to provide women with tools such as emotional freedom.

Poetry and creative writing – a great way for our service users to be creative!

Drumming – This is a regular activity that has been going on for a while, it has been proven to be very popular with our service users. They often tell us it is a great way to relieve stress and it is good fun. All of these activities are aimed to encourage individuals to try something new, and to build self-confidence!

Maggs has welcomed new volunteers and students who help with domestic tasks in the centre on a daily basis and they are producing delicious meals! We have a consistent delivery of fresh cakes and pastries from generous ‘cake man’ a  few times a week; all service users get very excited when they are delivered!  So does the staff!

On the 21st of April we are hosting an information day with sandwiches and cake! If you are interested and would like to book a place please email – Thank you.


Want to donate? Follow the link below any donations are always really appreciated and will make a massive difference. This will help with the day to day running of the day centre.