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Tony has been using Maggs day centre for many years and has also volunteered at the clothing project for eight of those. Tony volunteers every Monday and Thursday, he helps unload the donations and will assist those who come into the project. Tony said he really enjoys the work, helping people is good although sometimes he does find it challenging.

Tony first started using Maggs day centre for the social aspect and for meals but unfortunately lost his property. Tony was then homeless for eighteen months; this was incredibly challenging. The cold nights were especially difficult with only a tent to sleep in. Tony started to rely on the service more and more and would often come in for warmth, showers and a hot meal as he could not always guarantee when the next one would be available.

In February 2016 Tony finally managed to get his accommodation after communicating with the relevant organisations and after staff at the day centre kept pushing to try and get himself sorted. Tony remembers this period well and said the staff would speak to him every day to try and sort the issue out. Although it was a long process Tony said he could not be happier, his new place gives him independence and that he really enjoys it. Having a place of your after being homeless for so long is very surreal and can be difficult to maintain as the transition can be hard; Tony is doing incredibly well and has had no issues since being accommodated.

Tony said Maggs is a very helpful place, he really appreciates the help staff have had given him over the years. He has made some really good friends, eaten and used the drop in facilities available to him. Tony advises anyone who may find themselves in the same situation to get themselves down to Maggs so the staff can support and talk you through what options may be available. The help is available to anyone, all you have to do is ask.

Staff – Since working here (just over a year) it has been a pleasure to see Tony finally accommodated after what was a long process. This is very normal, it is incredibly difficult for men to find accommodation as they may not always be classed as priority. Tony still volunteers at the clothing project and does a fantastic job, it would be very difficult to find someone to replace as over the years he has grown into his role so I hope he intends to stay for the unforeseeable future. As Tony has mentioned if anyone experiences homelessness please come down to the service and see what we are able to do for you, it might change your life.