Maggs had received an invitation from the Mayor of Worcester to have a guided tour and visit the cells underneath the Guildhall. I was expecting to be bored as I don’t usually do day trips but the Mayor had a laugh with me and was a normal bloke who was down to earth and made me feel comfortable.

We were greeted in the Mayor’s office, where we sat down and were told what the job was and he showed us some of the historical objects that he uses as part of his job. The mayor explained for the council to make decisions there has to be a ceremonial sword behind the Mayors chair. Without this, no decisions can be passed. There were some other interesting objects in the mayor’s office – for example there was a windmill that caught my attention made out of shrapnel from WW2. I always thought that the mayor gets lots of money for the job he does, but I was surprised to learn that he does it voluntarily.

We visited the dungeons which were so back to basic, just an empty brick room with a bench in.  You knew you weren’t going to be coming out, no beds, no water, 30 people in a small space. I would find it suffocating. I found that interesting as I was able to compare it to my own experiences in prison and how different the system is now.

The mayor nicely offered me to put his chain on. The chain has been passed down through many generations of Mayors and is solid gold, but surprisingly not heavy in weight when you are wearing it. Wearing it made me think about my children as they also tried the same chain on when they were little.

I had a lovely day and I thought it was so nice for the Mayor to take the time to show us around and talk to us about how the Guildhall functions and his routine as Mayor of Worcester. I have been brought up in Worcester and was shocked to hear how much history Worcester has and how much I didn’t know about how the city was formed and what went on all those years ago. Considering the walk of life I have come from I did not expect to be that interested in how the other half live. I feel I have gained a new interest in history from that day as I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learnt a lot.

August 2016 – By Aide Fulcher