Being a volunteer at The Maggs Day Centre in Worcester is the most rewarding thing I have ever done.When I look at what the volunteers and staff provide, I see endless cups of tea and coffee and a place of comfort and safety.
I have poured out hundreds of hot drinks and always take this opportunity to express a greeting of “hello and how are you” to each and every one of the users of the centre. I know that for some a warm and friendly word is perhaps the only communication they will have that day.
In the four years I have been helping in the kitchen I feel humble and overwhelmed by the donations of food,clothes and money given by the kind and generous people of Worcester. Without these donations our meals would be meagre and frugal.
Going back to when I first offered my services, the kitchen was tiny and cramped but having modernisation carried out and an upgrade on all appliances, the kitchen is now a spacious and pleasant place to work in.
I feel a sense of joy and well being when I see the people who use the centre sitting reading a book or newspaper, playing dominoes,chess or cards or as many do, sit quietly with their own thoughts. All materials are provided by the centre.
Even though the centre is only open until 2PM, during these precious and vital hours no one need ever feel alone or isolated as the staff are only too willing to listen and advise.
As a volunteer, The Maggs Day Centre in my opinion means FRIENDSHIP, POSITIVITY AND HOPE.
If you are interested in volunteering please feel free to get in touch on 01905739228 ext 2 and speak to Michael the volunteer co coordinator.