The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service is the highest award given to local volunteer groups across the UK to recognise outstanding work done in their own communities. It was created in 2002 to celebrate the anniversary of The Queen’s coronation. It is the MBE for volunteer groups.

As part of the above award, Mel Kirk (Manager) and Sue Osborne (Vice Chair) attended a garden party at Buckingham palace on Tuesday 24th May 2016.

We caught an early train to London then a taxi to Buckingham Palace, where we joined a very long queue, of about 8000 people in fancy hats and outfits. We felt very special walking past the many tourists gathered at the Palace gates.

Once inside the palace we descended the steps into the gardens, and headed for the marque. What a treat! Delicious sandwiches (including their speciality of cucumber and fresh mint sandwiches) and tiny perfectly formed cakes and tarts (the chocolate button decorations even included a gold leaf crown).

Luckily we managed a brief glimpse of the Queen and Philip striding across the lawn and disappearing into the royal tea tent. After a brief look around the gardens we started the long journey back to Worcester.

Both Mel and I feel very honoured to have taken part in this once in a lifetime event – so a big thank you to staff, volunteers, and all our supporters whose commitment to Maggs is responsible for us gaining this prestigious award.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Here is a picture of Mel and Sue attending the garden party at Buckingham palace.

Mel and Sue