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Service User's Stories

What is it like to be homeless?

This blog piece focuses on what it feels like to be homeless and the difficulties that arise whilst being on the street. I decided to go around the day centre and ask a few simple questions, what is it like to be homeless, what do you think the public’s perception is on homelessness and how do you think Maggs day centre helps? *Being homeless is nothing but circumstance, things happen that result in losing accommodation…
9th May 2016

Volunteer Experience: Maggs Day Centre Worcester *Chris*

My name is Chris. I am almost 69 and I retired here to Worcestershire from Lichfield in Staffordshire three years ago. Throughout my life I have been very fortunate never to have been out of work and never to have been without a place to call home. I met my wife 49 years ago and we have moved 6 times and had three children.  With all this, I consider myself very fortunate. Because of the…
21st April 2016