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Service User's Stories

My Story – Tony

Tony has been using Maggs day centre for many years and has also volunteered at the clothing project for eight of those. Tony volunteers every Monday and Thursday, he helps unload the donations and will assist those who come into the project. Tony said he really enjoys the work, helping people is good although sometimes he does find it challenging. Tony first started using Maggs day centre for the social aspect and for meals but…
2nd February 2017

Hadrian’s wall team surpasses pervious staff fundraising total

An intrepid team of University of Worcester staff has topped previous fundraising efforts with their walk along an iconic British landmark. The Hadrian’s Wall Walk last month, which saw trekkers cover the 85-mile distance from Segedunum, near Newcastle, to Bowness-on-Solway, to the west of Carlisle in just over 72 hours, has raised a total of £6,200. This surpasses funds raised by staff, who completed the Three Peaks Challenge in 2014. A team climbed Britain’s three…
8th September 2016
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Mel’s story

I have been working for Maggs for almost half of its existence; 13 years working at Maggs on June 23rd. So why did I get involved with Maggs? I started off volunteering for Maggs, twice a week to help out in the kitchen. I remember food then was very basic and Sunday dinner was soup and mashed potato and there were only 3 volunteers in total. The position of volunteer co-ordinator was being advertised when I…
16th May 2016
Service User's Stories

What is it like to be homeless?

This blog piece focuses on what it feels like to be homeless and the difficulties that arise whilst being on the street. I decided to go around the day centre and ask a few simple questions, what is it like to be homeless, what do you think the public’s perception is on homelessness and how do you think Maggs day centre helps? *Being homeless is nothing but circumstance, things happen that result in losing accommodation…
9th May 2016
Service User's Stories

Craig’s Story

I was working as a barber, but then I started drinking regularly. This impacted on my work and I stopped going in. Inevitably, I then lost my job. This made me drink even more, I started building up debts as my priority was getting a drink, all I could think about was where my next drink was coming from. My debts got so bad that I ended up losing my home and sleeping on people’s…
3rd May 2016