If you are homeless, we can help

If you or someone you know is homeless, Maggs Day Centre offers a safe, warm and welcoming environment.

  • We provide hot drinks, breakfast and lunch.
  • We have showers and can give you a clean, dry change of clothes.

We will ask you to pay a small amount for each meal – currently 50p for breakfast and £1.50 for lunch, unless paid for on the day and then it is £1.00. If you need help claiming benefits, we are happy to assist. If someone has given you a Maggs Meal Voucher, that is also fine.

How to find Maggs Day Centre

Maggs Day Centre is in Worcester on Deansway, in front of the Heart of Worcestershire College and opposite the old fire station.

Here are maps and current opening times.

Connect a homeless person with local support and services

If you’re concerned about someone sleeping rough (anywhere in England), you can get in touch with StreetLink so that they can connect them to local support and services: www.streetlink.org.uk or email Flora McNerney on the Maggs Outreach And Transition Service (MOATS) team at mailto:fmcnerney@maggsdaycentre.co.uk

Maggs Day Centre supports the countywide homeless reduction initiative

We agree to cooperate with the local authority and other organisations to reduce homelessness by committing to:

  1. Preventing a local person from becoming homeless in their area
  2. Develop joint working procedures to prevent homelessness
  3. Work with other organisations to support the homeless person with all their needs, not just housing
  4. Promote the local authority housing options