Case study – Jim*

Jim* became homeless after his marriage broke down. Coming to the city, he found he didn’t know anybody and had nothing meaningful to fill his time. Fortunately he was introduced to Maggs and persuaded to come along to the ‘Feel Good Friday’ activity session.

At first he was uneasy, sitting in the corner and keeping himself to himself. But the Maggs staff spoke to him at length about his situation and encouraged him to speak with other members of the group.

During that session and in subsequent weeks he took part in an art project and other activities. As he got to know the other people better, his sociable nature was able to shine through and he has found Maggs to be a place where he feels safe talking about his situation and its emotional challenges.

He is now an advocate of Maggs, encouraging other homeless people to get more involved in the activities and opportunities.

*Not his real name


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