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Below is a piece written by Steven Cherry; Steve has been accessing Maggs day centre now for a couple of years due to various issues he needed support with which he highlights below. Since then Steve has gone on to achieve wonderful things and has started working on a new business venture which he decided, he wanted to share with all of you.

Please take the time to read, look at his work and share his story!

My name is Steven Cherry and I have been using Maggs day centre for a couple of years now. I first attended some time in 2014 when I was homeless. This was due to a drug addiction I had been fighting for twenty years. It was because of this addiction that I had been in and out the prison system a number of times, it was something that came along with the chaotic lifestyle of being homeless and addicted to substances.

Because of drugs I was unable to hold onto any accommodation, my addiction always took priority over everything else in my life, because of this I lost contact with family and friends and I became totally isolated.

Last year on my 40th birthday I decided enough was enough, I really wanted something in my life to change. I was living in a tent on the outskirts of Worcester with a Heroin habit and not a lot else.

I started taking steps to change this, I got myself clean and sorted out accommodation which was much easier without the drug habit. I found myself having lots of free time so I started employment courses through the local job centre. One of these was making various items out of old recycled pallet wood. I began to really enjoy the work I was doing and decided to start making items for family and friends.  As they all came back with positive responses I decided to take it to the next level by making a business. I currently make coffee tables, bookcases and TV cabinets, but I am also able to make furniture to order if the customer requires something specific.

With this new business I have a new lust for life and I am determined to make a success of it. I would greatly appreciate you having a look at my Facebook page:

If you require any furniture life the items you see, I would really value your custom. Thank you – Steven Cherry.14882259_211372539287995_1677083111155635722_o