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Many of the service users who access Maggs Day Centre use the activity centre to gain news skills, make new friends and to fill the time they have with something positive. Some of the activities we provide are, art and cooking – after a set amount of cooking sessions service users then get given the opportunity to take a food hygiene course! This provides them with employment skills that are fundamental to finding a job.

One of the popular activities is poetry and creative writing. This gives the people who use the service a chance to express feelings and thoughts in a positive and constructive way. Below you will find some of the work created in these sessions, we hope you enjoy them!

BBC Breakfast Club – JP

‘Lil ole Lise of Lately was so greatly cheered up, matey. And by news so fine, it travelled to her ears like music from an angel.

Ms. Duzet had to smile, a lot more than she’d done before; when word was on her lips and ours, it went for miles and miles, and for and hours and hours. The gig she’d captured, lined my day, captured by that melody – the big lead story, faded slowly as the song, a ray of sunshine paved the way for that good day.

Fools Errand- Fools Gold – JP

It’s a thankless kind of day-job, a bloody thankless sort of toil,  tiresome, heavy kind of duty. Laying waste the richest soils, it’s a rushing into battle, faithfully yours and heated, cause that turns the bravest upstart soldiers.  T’ward an unjust fool’s reward. Ha! Worthless errands and fool’s desserts.

A choking, smoking apple of your eye.  Stuck to their mission, heroes gone; no more wiser, still as stone.

They say that fools with their fools errands, come unstuck and at the last – their cause, and their reward of course are past and gone and oh so fast! (that’s bad) the kind of luck that vanishes, the sort of fortune made for fools. The never, never, never trust, the bosses book of rules.

It’s a long hard job that’s never done, a beating back; a purging thought. A many times beforehand travelled, ironic ship of fools.

Fools and their fools, errands now still choking back the bitter tears. Holding steady to the lie that will soon will end their years.

If Love Were – KF

If love were a tree

I wold climb to the top,

If love were a bus

I would never let it stop.

If love was a light

I would turn it on quick,

If love were a moth

I would whack it with a stick.

If love were a cake

I would be your jam,

If love were a roast

I’d be the mint on your lamb

Poetry -MC

We are always in the centre,

The game is never up!

A host of golden daffodils,

Kept alive by the sun above.

Seasons shall come and wane,

How much wasted time?

We should have done this!

We should have done that!

It is pointless dwelling on regret,

We are always in the centre.

Life has meaning,

Timeless past,

Timeless future.

The game is never up.

Always, in the centre.

Poetry – MC

Here we are then.

It is a long time ago

That started the responsibility

For those troubled souls.

30 years.

And still, being fed and housed.

Some would much rather be

On the streets.

I know what they mean!

A flat can be hellish sometimes,

Worse than shivering through the night sometimes.

What shall we do?

Can I understand me and you?


Say this and that,

Somehow missing the mark.

Turn on the light!

Banish the dark! Establish what matters most,

Before that final anniversary

When we give up the ghost.

If Love Were – MC

If love were a longbow

My arrow would go straight,

With speed to your heart

Before it’s too late.

If love was a shadow

It would be by your side,

Watching over you,

No need to hide.

If love was a memory

When all seems lost

We will walk a winter morning

My hand in yours, warm, from the frost.

If love was a fool

I would be the twat

Making you laugh,

Flacked out on the mat.