Patron: The Bishop of Worcester
Registered Charity 700852

Maggs Day Centre
Deansway, Worcester WR1 2JD
Tel 01905 25027

About us
Maggs was founded in 1984 in memory of a homeless man who died after spending a number of years sleeping on the streets.

As a result of his death a group of local churches got together and formed an action group which lead to a day centre being set up for the homeless of Worcester at the former St Albans church.

Since then the Day Centre has gone from strength to strength. We provide an invaluable service to help the homeless and socially isolated. We have support from the local community and local and national charities, which allows us to continue to offer these services and help those in need
We offer a range of services including
  • MAGGS DAY CENTRE - a direct access Day Centre offering food, shelter, support, washing/shower and laundry facilities

  • THE ACTIVITY CENTRE – The Centre runs skills training to help people manage their lives better, such as reading, writing, cooking, art, together with the social skills necessary to reintegrate back into society

  • MAGGS CLOTHING PROJECT - providing free clothes, bedding and domestic items to those in need or hardship across the city
Maggs Day Centre is primarily for the homeless of Worcestershire. It is a welcoming, safe haven for those whom are roofless to take care of their personal hygiene needs, have a substantial meal, get advice, social interaction from others in the same position or to just sit and have a warm drink in safety. Also welcome at Maggs are those who feel socially isolated, for whatever reason they may feel unable to go to somewhere socially and meet people. They are made welcome and are able to have a meal at the centre.
Sometimes Maggs is just a ‘stopping off’ point for the traveling homeless. They are made welcome, offered the use of all the facilities i.e. Showers, toiletries, washing machine, we also keep a stock of socks, underwear and towels for their use. These service users may be on their way back to their original area or traveling to see family or even going to take up employment. But for whatever reason they are treated with dignity and respect afforded to everyone coming to the centre.
The staff are on hand to assist with form filling, sign posting to other agencies or health professional, or to simply take time to make someone feel included. Staff also assist to enhance emotion well-being. Staff spend time talking with them about their ambitions, historical events, things that have had a profound effect on their lives, basically anything that they need to talk about big issues or small.
Sometimes service users do not know how to respond to an act of kindness, perhaps because they can be so few and far between for a homeless person, they may become suspicious of the staff’s intentions or motives, they may not want to disclose any information about themselves, not even their name. In these case staff work with what they have.
Tea and coffee is available throughout the day. Breakfast is served at 8:30am. At 10am there is biscuits put out and sometimes cake and at 12pm lunch is served, this is a main course and a pudding.
At Maggs we also have a fantastic volunteer group; they come in most days of the week to help with the cooking and general day to day tasks at the centre. Some days they and the staff will cater for up to 25+ people.